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Bakenkop Animal Clinic

We take pride in providing a full health service to your best friend. We feed, recommend and provide trusted pet foods and carefully research and select our veterinary products. We promote responsible pet ownership and preventative health care. We serve our community in performing spays and castrations for the needed pets. Bakenkop Animal Clinic's highest goal is the genuine care and comfort of our patients and clients to the whole of Centurion.


Birnam Veterinary Clinic

Birnam Vet is passionate about delivering a highly scientific approach to the workup of all our cases. We pride ourselves in focusing on a thorough diagnostic process making sure that our pets get the best medical care money can buy. We have been serving the community living in the area for over sixty years. We are one of the oldest veterinary practices in South Africa and we specialise in the care of your four legged or feathered family.